Who can sell stuff at the Bike Swap?

Anyone can sell stuff at the Swap & fun Fair. You can register online or send in a registration form for a Vendor’s area. If you are looking to sell a bike or two, you can just bring them to the swap and place them in the Bike Corral. Remember, if you want a vendor’s area please visit our registration page.

Why go to the Bike Swap?

With summer just around the corner, this is a great place to come for a day and check out needed items for your biking future, have some food, drink, the kids will enjoy different activities and more. You can get some great deals on new and used biking stuff and more with the vendors. If you have any parts or bikes laying around , this is a great place to turn them into cash.

What can I sell at the Bike Swap?

You can sell anything at the Bike Swap. Most people sell bicycle related products but Nordic skis, clothing, running stuff are not uncommon. Hot sauce, coffee beans, novelties,crafts, or anything else you feel cyclists & family fun fair want to buy are all welcome! Non-profit organizations, advocacy groups and ride events are also welcome!

How big is a table?

The areas are 8 feet or 10 feet long. The event is out side bring all your own stuff. Tent, chairs, tables what ever you need .

Can I rent more than one table?

Yes, you may rent as many areas as are available.

Can I choose where my table will be?

The areas  are assigned on a “first come, first serve” basis. We will, however, try to accommodate requests if possible (i.e., if you would like a area next to a friend).

May I share a table with someone?

Yes, you may share your area with anyone; however, you must make your own arrangements.

What’s a commercial rental space?

A commercial area is a 10 ft x 10 ft space. Commercial Spaces are great for vendors that want more display space and a larger presence. Groups, shops and events are welcome to display a Commercial area with all there own equipment.

Who can rent a commercial space?

Anyone can rent a commercial Space. Typically, bike shops or businesses rent these areas but they are open to anyone.

What if I just have a bike or two to sell?

You can sell your bike at the Bike Corral whether you have a area or not.  There is a small fee to place your bike in the Bike Corral.

What exactly is the Bike Corral?

The Bike Corral is a separate space that we designate for the public to sell their used bikes to others. For a small fee, you may place your bike in the corral where people can see it. There will be a space on the paperwork attached to your bike to indicate a time that you will be by your bike to answer questions that potential buyers have. It is important to note that we do not sell your bike for you; we just provide a nice space for you to display it. If someone offers to buy your bike for the asking price and you are not there we will collect the money and give it to you when you return. All money and bicycles must be collected at the end of the swap by a designated time. Any bicycles and/or money not claimed by the end of the swap will be forfeited to the Lapham Peak Friends Association.

Is there  food at the Bike Swap?

Vendor’s will have food, coffee, drinks, snacks and more

Can non-profit organizations, events organizations, grass-roots advocacy groups and ride associations get discounted rates on table rental?

Possibly; however it difficult to factor in a discount. It is advised to contact us as early as possible for a rate deduction.

Can I show up the day of swap and rent a table?

Possibly. However this is a risky plan. Any area that are left over will be rented out to walk-ins. However if all areas are reserved then no rental areas will be available.

As a vendor what time should I get to the swap before it starts?

It is planned for the swap to start at 9:00 AM so it would be good to get there well ahead of time. We figure you should get there about 45 minutes ahead of time to give yourself plenty of time to set up and get a preview of what is being offered. The same holds true for bikes that are entering the corral. Lapham Peak Friends is a non-profit group that is dedicated to the enhancement of Lapham Peak State Park. 100% of the proceeds from the swap are directed to the snow-making project at Lapham Peak. Anyone interested in the swap is reminded that you can donate your items for sale as is and receive a receipt as a tax deductible donation to the snow-making project at the Peak.