Your Donations at work Letter to Donors and Supporter worth sharing.

Hello Lapham Peak Snow Making Donors and Supporters,

Your 2017 donations are hard at work in 2017.  Did you know that this past year we have:

  • Purchased 2 new larger capacity Snow Guns ($42k)
  • Upgraded the snow cat with over $15k in repairs (and yes the tiller is now working well)
  • Reconditioned the well to keep the pond as full as possible ($6k)
  • Paid for general maintenance & electricity ($13k). 
  • Spent significant time and money on trail clean up, prep, and widening for this snow season 

It’s been an expensive year but we are off to a great start with snow making and this work will benefit us in future years! 

The new snow guns have already made a significant difference allowing us to make snow at temperatures the old guns could not, make it much drier, and as much as 3 times more per hour.  This has allowed us to have an initial ski trail loop including Tail-End hill open for skiing on Dec 16th 2017. 

Snow making will restart December 26 and should be completed 12-30-2017. 

This is a great time of the year to consider donating to help us continue to improve the man-made loop!  (especially with possible tax changes next year – your donations will likely be worth more in deductions this year than next!).  

We hope to purchase another snow gun in the near future along with funding of trail expansion phase 3B and 3C so we can continue to improve the trail every year. 

Thanks for your past support and please consider an end of the year donation.
Private donations are critical to providing snowmaking for cross country skiing at Lapham Peak.

Currently the DNR covers only a small portion of Snowmaking costs. 

Come to Evergreen Trailhead to see the snowmaking guns in action during our next cold spell. Look for 3 orange posts and Snowmaking Volunteers in reflective vests who will give commentary from 4 to 6 PM on both Tues. Dec 26 and Thurs. December 28. 

Your Snow Making Committee and Volunteers 

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